1. HostBreak Best Hosting

1. HostBreak Best Hosting
HostBreak best hosting

Hostbreak best hosting provides irresistible connection ensuring high uptime of your website. As you get connected with Hostbreak one of the leading company of web best hosting in Pakistan, you enjoy the freedom of control, high uptime speed, and 24 hours’ technical surveillance. Our wide range of highly secured web hosting that includes WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, E-commerce hosting, CMS hosting, and Linux hosting, provides an easy solution for every need.

In addition, Hostbreak always takes care of all technical hurdles that keep your website away from success. Our latest high-performing web hosting servers are designed to tackle every hurdle and give perfection at all levels. By using our easy-to-use control panels you can easily manage and operate your website without being tech-savvy. We provide the best web hosting in Pakistan to connect businesses with the internet.

1. HostBreak
HostBreak best hosting

Be Secure with Hostbreak best hosting

Unlike other web-hosting providers, Hostbreak comes up with the best hosting, backup facilities & data protection. Under our data recovery policy your data is secured and protected. In case of accidental loss, you can request us and we will give you a copy of all your data. Our web servers are updated time to time, to ensure your website never faces malware & ransomware issues.

Our Web Hosting Features:

  • Limitless Web Space
  • 24/7 Technical & Online Support
  • Unbreachable Data Security
  • 100% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Free Trial Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Backup Facility
  • Maximum Bandwidth
  • Speedy Internet
1. HostBreak
1. HostBreak Best Hosting

for further details click here : https://portal.hostbreak.com/aff.php?aff=777

2. EasyHost best hosting

2. EasyHost best hosting
2. EasyHost best hosting

Why choose Easyhost.pk?

Easyhost. pk is a fast-growing web hosting company with the best hosting service in Pakistan, offering services since 2009 with experience of managing 10,000+ websites. Our services include cheap PK Domain registration, reliable website hosting, and web development.

Our hosting comes with hundreds of features including free domain, free site builder, rock-solid 99.9% uptime, free domain name & 30 days money-back guarantee – so you can have peace of mind! We have clients for Web best Hosting in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and all other major cities in Pakistan, give us a try now!

Furthermore, We at Easyhost ensure that we deliver the highest quality best hosting service with the lowest possible price to our customers – this means you get high standard cPanel hosting at a much lower price compared to the market. Our hosting plans are designed for individuals and small businesses to host their websites and not worry about spending huge costs for setup.

If you are looking for a Domain Registration and Website Hosting service, you have just gotten to the right place!

Our customers are our top priority!

EasyPost proudly offers web best hosting & domain services to 1000s of startups, bloggers, e-commerce platform SMEs in Pakistan, UAE & USA since 2009. Here is a quick overview of the services delivered this year:

5+ Million

Pages Served

1+ Million

Emails Sent!


Uptime Recorded!

I moved to an easy host. pk from other Pakistani hosting companies 3 months ago, their web hosting is amazing, best hosting and support is unbeatable, highly recommended! – CEO – Saleshub
Easyhost activated my account within 10 minutes as committed, transferred my data, and helped me with website security. I made the right decision to select an easy host. pk – Atta Khan

2. EasyHost
Easy host best hosting

For further Details: https://www.easyhost.pk/account/aff.php?aff=720

4. NextGen Best Hosting

Reliable web hosting service in Pakistan

As low as Rs 3000/per Year

Learn More

SSD Drives, Free SSL, Fast WordPress
DDos protected, Whitelist Email IP

Get your
Website Domain Name

.com Rs 1400 | .pk Rs 2300

Find Your Domain

Get Free domain with best Hosting Packages*
.com .net .org .pk

1500+ people rely on our website hosting services, VPS, and Dedicated servers to host their website/ web apps, 99.99% Satisfied. Buy Affordable web hosting and servers with a secure DDOS-protected network in Pakistan.

Domain Name Registration, Managed Services, and Web Hosting Service in Pakistan.

Our personalized All in One solution helps you grow your business online. Affordable Web Hosting for any kind of business with the latest hardware and SSD Drives to give you an edge over your competitors. Our un-matchable 24×7 customer support will leave no stones un-turn to help you!

customer support

Professional 24x7x365 Technical
& Sales Support

Customer Support that solves your problems. We are a Pakistani best Hosting company we know the issues Pakistani customers face with web hosting, that is the reason we are always available to help you by Live Chat, Support Ticket, and Phone/WhatsApp instant support.

latest servers nextgen

99.9% Next-Gen Server Uptime

We never oversell our webspace or resources or overload our servers. Fast internet connection and Latest Server Hardware guarantees 99.9% up-time. Don’t settle for less when your business depends on it.

fully secured hosting

1500+ Customers
Trust us

We are the fastest growing web hosting service company in Pakistan, we know how to set you up online. Over 970+ customers from Pakistan and 100% satisfied with our services.

Still, confused? check facebook reviews from our customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is domain hosting service?

When you buy a Domain Name (e.g. www.example.com) then you need to host it somewhere, so that you can put your website files that you want to showcase online. The domain is then attached with Hosting (Disk space, WebSpace) by mentioning nameservers of hosting into your domain DNS settings. Nameservers are provided by the hosting provider, usually they are two addresses, appears to be like “ns1.example.com” and “ns2.example.com”.

What is bandwidth in web hosting?

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data (files, photos, videos) that can be transmitted or broadcasted to and from your website in a limited amount of time. Usually, bandwidth is reset every month. For example, if you put a 1 GB Video on your website and you watch it 10 times then 10 GB bandwidth will be used. We have only soft limits on bandwidth packages wise, which can be increased up to unlimited at no extra cost.

What knowledge do I need to build my website?

Website building is fairly easy if you are good at one of the two things programming or coding with HTML/CSS or a website building program (e.g. Dreamweaver). These are a few tools that form the basics of building a website.
If you wish to own a site that is highly versatile and quick in functionality then you surely need to incorporate the usage of various programs and applications for building it. We at NextGen Hosting take pride in providing web hosting plans that give you easy access to the free one-click installation of applications that aids in developing and customizing your website including Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla which are popularly used to develop websites.

How to easily transfer my website or web pages to your server?

If your website is built through custom HTML editors like Dreamweaver then you can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) for uploading files to our server. For making the migrations process easy, we also have included a built-in File Manager which can easily be accessed by you in Plesk Control Panel.
The scope of FTP is very limited and so for files bigger than 20 MB, we always suggest our clients use a tool named FileZilla that is supported by various operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This simply makes the process smooth, easy, and efficient.

Can I transfer my already existing website to your web hosting?

If you have access to your website file then the transfer process is fairly simple. All you need is to upload your website file through a built-in File Manager or FTP client. In case you are transferring a WordPress or a website with MySql Database, then you need to create and import a database too.
If you still find a problem through the way, our professional and technical support will be there to assist you in finding the best possible method of transferring your website to a NextGen Hosting account.

Why should i buy a domain name from Next Gen Hosting?

Well because we aim to satisfy our clients with the best services, when you buy a domain name from Next Gen Pakistan, our foremost objective is to hand you over the name fairly quickly and without any hassle. We even take care the technical stuff so that you can work seamlessly.
Our utmost goal is to build a healthier and stronger relationship with our clients and satisfying them with the best solutions.

Why do i need to register domain name?

If you have put in hard work to build a proper and professional website, you surely wouldn’t want anyone else stealing the credit from you. To secure things and your ownership, it is important for a website owner to get their domain registered. This not only gives you security but also adds uniqueness to you website leading to attracting more visitors and traffic.

What is the process of domain registration?

The process basically starts with the name you choose for your website. Once you have decided on the name, the next step is to search the domain if the name is available. And even if the .com domain name is already registered, you can still find many other top-level domains (TLDs) that might fit best. Lastly, add your chosen option to the cart and get registered. Remember to pick a domain that is short, easy, and sounds totally cool!

What Top Level Domain (TLD) and country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD) domains are available from NextGen Hosting Pakistan?

In the huge pool of names at NextGen Pakistan, you get to choose and register your unique domain name without any hassle. While diving in, you may come across names that were previously taken up but are now up for sale. We have a variety of available domains that you can choose from. You can check the full list here.

What to do when i need help?

In case you need help we are available 24×7. Simply visit Next Gen Hosting’s website and chat with Live Support Agent or open a support ticket by login into your account or call our customer support at +92-321-9143934.

How do I choose the right Web hosting plan?

At NextGen Hosting, we offer various hosting plans, each one designed to suit your needs. Our most popular Shared hosting plan goes by the name of “Advance” which is extremely budget-friendly and allows you to host 04 domains. Regardless of which package you choose, every plan that we have designed comes along with SSD Drives, Free Backups, Free SSL, unlimited emails, one-click installation option of WordPress (+200 more scripts), and 24×7 expert support, making the whole process smooth, effective and efficient.

Is it possible to transfer my web hosting to Next Gen Hosting?

Of course YES! If you have just recently signed up, we at NextGen best Hosting offer free site transfer within 30 days. We are committed to making hosting easy, hassle-free, and convenient for every client!

The domain name that I want, is it available?

Enter your desired domain name in the search box and click away! This is the only way to know whether your chosen domain name is available or already taken. The best thing about our search button is that it will not only help you in finding the availability of your desired domain name but also list down various TLD and ccTLD extensions that are up for grab, for example, nextgenhosting.com, nextgenhosting. pk, nextgenhosting.org, and so on.

How can I choose a perfect domain name?

For a pro-tip, remember to choose a domain name that is short and easy to memorize. And if possible, go for names that carry the same meaning as your business or include relevant keywords for SEO. Go for numbers, letters, and even hyphens to be included in your domain name but nothing fancy other than these characters.

Does Privacy Protection for Domain Name available?

If you own a website, there is a high chance that your personal information can be found easily be found on a public dictionary of WHOIS. But if you wish your identity to remain hidden and unknown, go for Next-Gen Hosting’s Domain privacy protection which ensures your personal information is replaced by our company’s contact information, protecting you from scams and related problems.

Need Help? Send a Ticket to our 24×7 Technical Support

for further details click here: https://www.hostwinds.com/10088.html